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We work with businesses to define a problem or opportunity.  This enables staff to promote their ideas and to achieve credible solutions through brainstorming and the mapping out of ideas.


Conventional creative innovation sessions frequently fail as they have a too formal structure that inhibits out-of-the-box creativity and the promotion of different ideas.  Consequently, many businesses have stopped using mapping and brainstorming techniques as they feel that they do not deliver the desired results.


A lot of brainstorming sessions are not managed correctly as most companies do not fully understand the problem faced, or they already believe they have a solution and just use the innovation session to approve it. There is often a state of apprehension as people feel suppressed or bulldozed by other members of the group.  Consequently, they are unwilling to express their ideas or contribute to the process for fear of being criticised. Alternatively, they follow an idea made by a prominent member of the group, forcing the rest of the group to agree to it, even if there is an overwhelming feeling that it is fundamentally flawed. 


Our idea generation session overcomes these issues as the problem is fully analysed by the mapping of ideas and everyone is involved in the four-stage process.


The four-stage process:

·         Understanding and mapping out the issues

·         Brainstorming ideas into mind maps

·         Mapping each idea, accessing its feasibility and linking it back to the original problem

·         From the ideas mind map the best solution can be developed into a process map. 

    Idea Generation